"We deserve a senator who keeps their word and votes like a Republican."

Tom Mielke

Why Tom ?

Someone we know.

Someone we trust.

Former Clark County Commissioner

8 years as a Washington State Representative in Olympia

Tom will hold the line on property taxes, property rights, second amendment rights, and the application of common sense solutions to problems government must address.

Tom knows that the decisions we make today affect generations to come.

Politicians forget about promises they made on the campaign trail and ignore the voice of the people who voted for them. Hardworking families suffer because of their tax and spend voting record.

We need a positive change in Southwest Washington. Tom Mielke is a proven conservative leader, and he will deliver.

Tom will fight for new bridge corridors to relieve traffic congestion and improve freight mobility, instead of supporting the failed Columbia River Crossing boondoggle. Instead of voting for the biggest gas tax in Washington history, he will stretch transportation dollars to benefit everyone. Tom will fight against Oregon’s outrageous tolling schemes that rob our citizens. Tom will fight for comprehensive tax relief instead of supporting the largest property tax increase in state history. Citizens deserve a world-class education system. The quality of our children’s education has languished, providing minimal value for increased spending. Tom will work to fix that.

In this pandemic-damaged economy, it’s more important than ever to elect leaders who will keep their promises! Tom will work to create a better business climate for job creators to get our state back to work. We need tax cuts, not tax increases! Protect your wallet, write in Tom Mielke for LD 18 Senate.

Proven Experience

Decorated Vietnam combat veteran - protecting our country.

Honored to serve for 8 years as a Washington State Representative in Olympia

Successful businessman of 18 years

Why Rivers is a bad choice.

The Failed McCleary "Solution"

State spending on K-12 education has doubled since the Jan. 2012 McCleary decision. The state Supreme Court ruled the state didn’t pay their fair share, forcing local homeowners to pay too much. Ann Rivers was one of four legislators to craft the final McCleary “solution”. Citizens were promised “long term tax relief” in property taxes. “Rivers highlighted a 30 percent rebate in property taxes in 2019 that was ultimately approved” one news report highlighted. (here).

The promised reduction never happened. The Rivers “solution” failed.  Local homeowners never got their promised property tax cut. Citizens are paying even more property taxes than ever. Rivers admitted the failure at a January 2020 townhall at the Port of Camas Washougal. She told citizens “the most seniors who lost their homes were in Camas”, due to the high property taxes. She failed senior citizens on fixed incomes the most.

Gas Taxes

Rivers voted to raise Washington’s gas tax to nearly the highest in the nation. She told citizens at multiple town halls: “it’s the hardest decision I’ve had to make”. She explained it was better to get something in return for paying increased gas taxes, rather than get nothing.

She delivered state money for several 18th LD communities, including $25 million to replace the Camas Slough Bridge. But later Rivers moved the $25 million to a Vancouver project. None of the 17th LD legislators voted “for” the gas tax increase.

Resurrecting the CRC and Tolling

Bridges and Oregon’s outrageous tolling scheme are at the top of citizens transportation concerns. Over 70,000 SW WA citizens commute to work in Oregon. The metro region has the nation’s eighth worst traffic congestion. It’s been over 40 years since a new transportation corridor and bridge were built.

Yet Rivers is pushing an extremely expensive replacement of the still “safe” (WSDOT & ODOT) Interstate Bridge that will do nothing to improve traffic congestion. Ann Rivers sits on the “Bi-State Bridge Committee” where she remains mostly silent.  Billions of dollars for a one or two minute improvement in the morning commute is unacceptable. We need new lanes, new vehicle capacity, and new transportation corridors, as identified in the 2008 RTC “Visioning Study”. As one citizen told representatives: “we need lanes, not trains”.

Oregon wants us to pay for their mass transit and transportation infrastructure. Portland plans to use our money to create real estate over the top of I-5 at the Rose Quarter. They refuse to fix the real problem by adding new through lanes to I-5 at the Rose Quarter.

Oregon refuses to discuss new transportation corridors, which is what the people of need and want. Pemco highlighted the fact that 94 percent of people prefer to use their cars, and want traffic congestion fixed. Tolling will only cause traffic to divert on to already over-crowded side roads.

We need cost effective solutions that actually reduce traffic congestion. We need a leader willing to stand up to Oregon and their desire to pick the pockets of SW Washington citizens.

Property Taxes

High property taxes are causing people to lose their homes. "The highest number of people losing their homes is in Camas" Ann Rivers told voters at a January 2020 town hall.  Yet she created the final "solution" to the McCleary education funding. She promised your local property taxes would go down. Yet people are losing their homes.

Nobody should be losing their homes due to horrible, failed "solutions" by your legislature.


Property Tax Relief

Tom will rein in government spending and fight to lower our taxes!

Gas Tax

Tom will fight for more accountability at WSDOT, and stretch existing dollars further. Tom will keep his promise and force gov’t. to live within its means!

Traffic Congestion

Tom will stand up to Oregon tolling schemes and fight a extremely expensive replacement of a perfectly safe bridge.

School Funding

Tom will work to make sure the funding emphasis is on the classroom and not the administration.

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